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Current Line Models has Everything for the O Scale Traction Modeler

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1. New underbody sets with new castings for South Shore Line cars, long and short.

2. New underbody set and castings for LVT812/999 cars

3. Power for the CORGI Birney

4. Peckham #26 truck for Wisconsin, Manitowoc & Two Rivers and others 

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About Current Line Models

Welcome to the great hobby of traction modeling. If you have not met us before, I would like to acquaint you with Current Line Models and the people behind the scenes. We provide the foundation components for building O Scale (1:48) traction models as well as provide complete custom and limited production built trolleys and interurbans.

A fine example of O Scale traction modeling which recreates the "good old days" of streetcar operations in Milwaukee. [Bob Schwab and Duane Matuszak]

Our traction power trucks and finishing components are made in our shop and based on a quality and proven foundation: the former Wagner Car Co. product line. Our traction finishing components detail over 80 types of trolleys and interurbans. Components range from trolley poles on the roof to controllers for the interior to air tanks and resistors for the underbody. We custom build, to your order, power trucks that are built from 60 different detailed side frames.

Chicago Surface Lines streetcar 1405 was built from an O Scale Ashland Car Company kit and finished with power trucks, trolley poles, seats, controls, and other details from Current Line Models. This model actually collects power from the overhead trolley wire just like the real cars. [Phil O'Keefe]

You will not see the everyday interurban models coming from Current Line. We serve a niche market with distinctive models that you will not see in everyone's trolley barn. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind interurban or trolley, lets talk to find out your exact needs.

This interesting O Scale model depicts a Chicago, North Shore, and Milwaukee Railroad line car which was used to repair the trolley wires along the line. A streamlined PCC streetcar is in the background waiting for the line car to pass. [Tom Matola]

Mary and I are the people that make it happen. As you can imagine our shop is located in a rural area near Joliet, Illinois. What is unique about our shop is that it is a full machine, pattern and casting facility. Every component and power truck part is made in-house. This permits us to continually experiment and improve our products. A notable example of the continuous improvement approach is the new Johnson motor drive which is the strongest single truck drive unit on the market today. However, the only way we can improve is through your suggestions.

Your hand is now on the controller. We are actively looking for your suggestions on improving existing products we offer and recommendations for new product offerings and limited production traction models.

- Ed Miller, Current Line Models

Current Line Models
1044 3rd Street
La Salle, IL 61301 USA

Telephone: (815) 553-2658

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